About Chess with Friends: World-Renowned Strategy Game on PC

Chess with Friends is an online strategy board game developed by Zynga. Boasting an extensive list of games under their belt, Zynga proves to be the leading video game developers when it comes to social media games. Titles like Zynga Poker, Words with Friends, Farmville 2 and 3 all made massive waves in the gaming industry for years.


Chess with Friends is their latest installment in their long list of social media games! Their latest title offers the same experience as you’d have when playing on an actual board. The better part of the deal is you can even challenge friends halfway across the world.

Chess with Friends is free-to-play with a few in-game purchases. You can immediately access this on Facebook, but you can also try our version. Our PC game version of this world-renowned game offers an immersive full-screen experience unavailable anywhere else. You can even map the controls to suit your taste. If you want to give it a shot, just hit that “Play for Free” button.