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Chess with Friends: A Strategic Guide to Checkmate The King

A chess match pits both players against one another to see who can dominate the board by capturing the King. This means that you’ll need a lot of planning, executing, and predicting your opponent’s moves. Chess with Friends pits your skills against your friends and even experts worldwide. You can face fellow amateurs or game masters that can outplay you in mere minutes. If you want to gain at least an edge, then you’ll need a strategy.

On that note, here is a simple yet classic chess move you can use. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be on your way to conquering the world of chess!

The Famous Scholars Checkmate

Also known as the 4-move Checkmate, this strategy requires you to move particular chess pieces four times to capture the opposing player’s King. You begin this strategy by first moving the pawn in front of the king two spaces forward. Then, you move the bishop beside the King four tiles to the left side of the board.

Afterward, you move the Queen to the rightmost side of the board she can travel to. Finally, have the Queen eat the pawn in front of the enemy King. If done right, you effectively have the opposing player on checkmate – this means that their King will get captured no matter what.



A Beginner’s Gamble On The Board

This move is one of the easiest strategies to remember since you only need to control three chess pieces. You can also move the Queen to the tile in front of the pawn with the Bishop behind it. Doing so adds some variety to the strategy. That said, the Scholar’s Checkmate can easily be thwarted by more seasoned players.

For example, they can move their Knight on the King’s side near where your Queen is. This will nullify your Bishop’s move since the Knight can eat the Queen without consequences, and you’re forced to eat the Knight for a 2-for-1 loss of powerful units.

Such is the game of chess, you have to initiate your strategies. If your opponent foils your plan, you have to adjust accordingly. As you play more games, you will come to realize which pieces are worth sacrificing so that you can get that elusive win.

Practice makes perfect in this game and more often than not, you’ll uncover more personalized strategies. So test your skills in Practice mode– experiment on various moves. The only way to start the road to chess mastery is to play the game! So hit that download button and forge the path to victory!