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Chess with Friends: Interesting Facts About The Game

Apart from the vast number of strategies and counterplays, chess holds a rich history that spans over more than one thousand years. Multiple stories about its players and the game itself have spun over time. In fact, we have some of them here. Let’s find out more about this iconic board game.

Gameplay Facts About The Classic Chess

A chess match revolves around moving various pieces across the board until you checkmate the opposition’s King. One could say that a battle between veterans may take forever before a winner is decided. According to researchers from America’s Foundation for Chess, the longest chess game theoretically possible will consist of 5,949 moves. They also stated that there are approximately 1.70×10^29 ways to play the first ten moves of a game.

Digging deeper into the gameplay and strategy portion, it’s possible to defeat an opponent by using only two moves. This strategy is called the Fool’s Mate. This strategy banks on the initiative of the first player.

You can initiate the move by moving the pawn on the right side of the board two spaces forward. It has to be the one in front of the Bishop. The opposing player will then respond by moving the pawn in front of the King forward. Your second move would be to move the pawn in front of the Knight two spaces forward. The mentioned piece should also come from the right side of the board. Finally, the opposition will move the Queen diagonally until she gets a free line towards the opposing King. Two moves, one quick checkmate.



The Technical Terms In a Chess Game

The term Checkmate is often heard or read to signify that a plan has been executed flawlessly without the possibility of being overturned. Stating a checkmate in a chess match means you stake your claim for victory. The word is derived from the Persian phrase “Shah Mat” that translates to “the king is dead.”

Queen’s Gambit is also another chess term that sees the player executing the move to sacrifice a pawn to gain an early advantage in the middle of the board. This term popularly denotes someone giving up something important to gain an advantage. However, just like any gambit, the Queen’s Gambit is also rife with risks, especially when executed against an experienced chess player.

These are just some of the interesting facts that are worth wrapping your head around when you’re playing chess online. You can liven up a match by mentioning these facts to friends and rivals worldwide! So don’t hesitate and hit that “Play for Free” button! Show your strategic skills by playing Chess with Friends on PC!