How to Play Chess with Friends: Learning the Basics

Chess with Friends is an immersive online platform for fans of the classic strategy board game. You can double down on the game experience by playing it on PC! If you want to know how then read the brief explanation below.

The Basics In Online Chess Gameplay

The objective of the game is to force your opponent to have his or her King in a position wherein it can’t move without being eaten by any of your pieces. You and your opponent start with the same number of chess pieces – eight Pawns, a pair of Rooks, Knights, Bishops, a Queen, and a King.


Each icon has a particular way of moving around the board and varying ways to dispatch an opposing piece. For example, a Pawn moves one space forward and can take out enemies diagonally forward. They can also move one additional space forward once from their starting location.

Bishops can only move and dispatch pieces diagonally according to the color of the tile where they start with. Rooks can only move and annihilate enemies vertically and horizontally across the board. The Queen can move and destroy the opposition in all eight directions. The Knight moves around the board in an L shape direction– it can also jump over other pieces and kick out enemies on its landing tile. Finally, the King can move in eight directions as well, but only at one tile at a time.

Playing Chess with Friends on PC

First and foremost, playing Chess with Friends on PC requires you to have a stable internet connection. Once you’ve secured your network. Follow these instructions to get it running:

  1. Hit the “Play for Free” button on this page
  2. Locate the downloaded executable file on your PC’s Downloads folder.
  3. Follow the installation instructions and wait for it to finish.
  4. The game will start automatically when everything is done properly.

Additionally, you’ll need a Facebook account since this will serve as your Chess with Friends login. Once you have synced your Facebook account to the game, you can then see which friends are playing the title and even invite them to download the game on their end so the two of you can have a match.

Moreover, you can also connect with other players who aren’t part of your friendship circle. There is an option on the match select screen that allows you to fight someone new. Exercise caution as you might be dealing with a pro. Always check the profile statistics of players before challenging them to a fight. Once the installation is complete, you can now start your journey to chess mastery. If you’re new to the game, it’s best to enter Practice Mode first to get acquainted with the rules of the game. A chess match starts with the player who has the white pieces.

Now that you know the basics in chess gameplay and ways to download, you can take on your online rivals! Practice your way to mastery and dominate Chess with Friends! All you need to do is hit that “Play for Free” button to begin!